Gillespie's Artisanal Pickle Craft

Gillespie holding a jar of his pickled cauliflower

DDMP General Stores employee Rocky Gillespie always loved the zesty taste of a good pickle.

However, Gillespie got into pickle making almost by accident. His brother and a friend of his family were making pickles, and this friend got sick, so he joined in to lend them the extra pair of hands they had lost and he has been doing this for years.

Wearing his buckeye necklace to show his college football passion, Gillespie says, “I am doing this for the ‘art’ of doing it. For me it is more of a social event to hang out with friends, family and other people,” Gillespie says. “All our pickles are handmade; we use fresh, all natural and local ingredients for our pickle recipes, and they’re packed in small batches to keep them very fresh."

“I actually started making pickles because I was helping out a family friend. There was nothing else to it. It only took 2 weekends out of every summer to make 26 cases of pickled cucumbers, which are abundant in the summer and all the way to August; we also pickle cauliflowers all year,” Gillespie continues.

Gillespie’s consumers are very engaged with the product. Bill Thoms, MP&L Senior Process Coach, DDMP, is among the people who have eaten Gillespie’s pickles before. He said that there is nothing like a pickle made by Gillespie for a zingy dose of flavor and a signature spicy bite. They are simply delicious!

“Well, I tweaked their recipe a little bit, and I have sworn secrecy on the ingredients,” he says with a big smile.

Before we parted, Gillespie gave me a jar of his pickled cauliflower and I must admit, I am now a fan!

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