Larry and Rachelle Hall Larry and Rachelle Hall Larry and Rachelle Hall Larry and Rachelle Hall
Larry and Rachelle Hall

You have seen him around the plant over the years.  A team player, with a wealth of tooling knowledge, and experience, who is always eager to help.  Larry Hall is known by many.  Those that know and work with him describe him as a person who is full of life, energy, and will leave a smile on your face after a conversation.

Larry began his career with Ford Motor Company at The Walton Hills Stamping Plant, outside of Cleveland, Ohio in 1993.  He started out as a production operator, and three years later entered the tool and die apprentice program.  After becoming a diemaker in 1996, he transferred to Chicago Stamping Plant and was part of CSP’s tool and die team. From 2005– 2007 he worked in the formability lab, where he was an analyst. In 2007 he accepted an opportunity to join the salaried team, and in doing so, has held positions such as MUDD engineer, T&D process coach, Engineering/Tooling specialist within Manufacturing Engineering.

During Larry’s time at CSP,  he has been responsible for launching close to 70 jobs in the pressroom. He has stated that some of the most challenging assignments have been bodysides –  specifically the 2020 Lincoln Aviator and Explorer.  The tools for these jobs were not ready for production when the arrived at the plant. Larry was the main driving force that improved these parts to an acceptable condition. This is where he earned his nickname  ‘The Bodyside King.’ 

Hall is an avid hunter, and in his spare time love to spend hours (even days)  in a tree stand; in freezing cold weather during the early winter months.  Sometimes he even gets a deer!  You may also find him on the golf course.  He’ll gladly show you a picture of him next to the car he won when he hit a hole in one… (ask him to show you)!

Larry is a devout family man, married to Rachelle (a Ford employee) for over 30 years.  He has two daughters and a son (also a Ford employee).  He has been graced with two granddaughters (the latest one just last month)!

If you haven’t had a change to meet Larry, you’re missing out and you’re running out of time.  Larry was offered and accepted a promotion to Tool & Die Team Manager at Kentucky Truck Stamping Plant, which is effective May 1st.

We want to thank Larry for everything he has brought to the CHSP family and all the hard work and dedication he has shown, KTSP is lucky to have him.  We wish him and his family the best in this new chapter of his career!


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