Lincoln Motor Company Dealers get Customer Experience at Chicago Assembly Plant

lincoln dealers with lvc

The Lincoln Dealer's Council received the customer experience during their recent visit to our plant. In an effort to develop an alliance between Lincoln Dealers and Chicago Assembly Plant as the launch of the new Lincoln Aviator draws closer, Greg Wood, North American Lincoln Sales and Service Manager, and Chris Brown, MS&S Dealer Relations – Lincoln and FCSD, coordinated a visit to Chicago Assembly Plant with Roderick Gray, Lincoln Dealer Liason/Chicago.  The Team invited Bill Dawes, Bob-Boyd Lincoln, Columbus OH, Matt Demmer, Jack Demmer Lincoln, Dearborn, Mi, Tom Lynch, North Florida Lincoln, and Chris Poulos, West Point Lincoln, Houston TX to Chicago to see  where the product is made and who is making it.  The Team took a tour of the plant, and interacted  with the workers in various areas of the plant. Chicago Assembly’s goal was to provide this team with confidence  that the products and services from Chicago,  specifically the Lincoln Aviator, will exceed their expectations as Chicago delivers a World Class product.  "The visit was a success" , said Rod Gray,  Lincoln Liaison, who coordinated the event. Gray added, " The team was very impressed with the plant’s cleanliness,  knowledge base, and attention to detail”.  “ It was nice of them to come in. They told us they appreciated what we’re doing, Jeff English, LVC Team Member shared, “It’s nice when people recognize you for doing a job well, “ he added.

Lincoln Dealers Meeting Operators in The Bodyshop Lincoln Dealers Meeting Operators in The Bodyshop Lincoln Dealers Meeting Operators in The Bodyshop Lincoln Dealers Meeting Operators in The Bodyshop
Matt Demmer, from Jack Demmers Lincoln in Dearborn, Michigan, greets operators Joe Hurbst and Brian Goodwin during their visit to Chicago Assembly Plant.
jimmy d and linxoln dealer in pic room

Chicago Assembly Plant Manager, Jimmy DeMartino and Lincoln Dealer, Bill Dawes reviewing a Lincoln Aviator in CAP's Product Information Center (PIC Room).

Chicago Assembly Plant hosts The Lincoln Dealer's Council in Preparation For The New Lincoln Aviator
Greg Woods, Kellie Smith, Matt Demmer, Bill Dawes, Tom Lynch, Chris Poulos, Chris Woods, and Rod Gray at Chicago Assembly Plant's Lincoln Council visit on Wednesday
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