BSP Food Truck

Team members begin to line up for lunch.

When a popular event no longer occurs and it then suddenly reappears, it’s a big deal. That is what happened at Buffalo Stamping plant when it was announced that Food trucks were returning to the plant.
Food trucks have been very popular across the United States and Buffalo is no different.  Along with their convenience, they are seen at events that make people happy like sporting events, festivals, and even weddings.
So it was no surprise that smiles were seen on August 1st as BSP team members made their way to Kcafe’s food truck that was parked outside the plant.
Kcafe Food Truck is one of 35,000 food trucks that operate in the United States, and after six years without a food truck on BSP’s property, they did not disappoint.
BSP QOSC Stan Grzebinski ordered the burger. “It was very large and good”’ said Stan. BSP Layout Inspector Dan Krakowski thought the event was a positive step and appreciated the effort by Ford Motor company. Both Stan, Dan and others on social media expressed concern for team members who are tied to a production line. They feel that with only a 30-minute lunch, it can be a challenge for those located at the far end of the plant.  Some teams are addressing it by designating one member to pick up their meals and then going to lunch when the food arrives.


We met with David Mangum, FMC Manager for workplace strategy, to discuss these concerns. Dave is working with his team to improve how food is served in all of Ford’s North America facilities.
“We are resetting the food service button” said David.  “It’s going to be an evolution, but our mission is consistent hot and nutritious food service for every plant.” Since every facility is different, the challenge is to find creative ways to provide access to good food that people on every shift can enjoy.

Stamping plants like BSP are unique in that the team is relatively small and spread out. One location of hot food service gives the local business the best chance at success but is not convenient for everyone. So, Dave and his team are exploring solutions that can address these types of concerns. The food truck will likely continue in its current location, but that’s not stopping Dave and his team from exploring solutions that can address these types of concerns. That includes possibly working with a local restaurant to set up service in one of the larger break areas.

In the meantime, it’s important to view the evolving food service strategy as a collaboration between BSP, local businesses and Ford. Sharing your constructive feedback, suggestions, pain points or a thumbs up will help everyone to develop the best long-term solution for Buffalo Stamping.

To help support this effort, BSP will post future food truck schedules as they become available.  
Please continue to share your ideas and concerns so that we can enjoy hot meals while supporting our Western New York food truck businesses.

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