Bobby Trank Story

Following your dream - Bobby Trank Following your dream - Bobby Trank Following your dream - Bobby Trank Following your dream - Bobby Trank
Bobby Trank with his girlfriend Mary at his Buffalo Fire Department academy graduation ceremony.

While attending high school at West Seneca West, BSP’s Bobby Trank decided to join the Fire Explorer program at    Vigilant Fire Department. The Fire Explorer program gives youth (ages 14-20) a firsthand experience in what it mentally and physically takes to be a professional firefighter. The program gave Bobby a taste of what it meant to be a firefighter and he loved it.

In 2013, at the young age of 17, Bobby decided to volunteer his time at Woodlawn Volunteer Fire Co Inc. While there, Bobby was not a stranger at Buffalo Stamping Plant where he participated in several fire calls to the plant. 

In June of 2015, Bobby accepted a job offer to join Ford’s Buffalo Stamping Plant. In the past 7 years, Bobby sent most of his time on second shift assigned to line #351.

In 2020, Buffalo Stamping plant opened the ERT (Emergency Rescue Team) program to all team members. In the past only skilled trades were allowed the join. As a result, history was made when Bobby became the first production team member to join this important rescue team.

Earlier this year, Bobby finally received a call that he has been patiently waiting for since 2018.  The call notified him that he was accepted into the Buffalo Fire department recruiting program.

The program, known to be very vigorous, has a 20% dropout rate. It is a 4 day, 10 hours days that includes intense classroom and physical training.  Each day began with a 1-1/2-mile run with other challenging physical requirements. Bobby who is now 10 pounds lighter, admits he is in the best shape of his life. 
The classroom workload was also a challenge where he was responsible to know countless subjects of the craft. Bobby wanted to share is proud moment in the classroom when they were taught about confined space rescue. Confined space is a small or restricted means of entry. The space can be very dangerous when certain gases are involved.

Bobby was the star student in that class because of the training he received at Buffalo Stamping plant, ERT. He wanted to thank everyone at Buffalo for that training.  

In July, Bobby notified Buffalo Stamping that he had graduated from the program. He is now a professional Fire Fighter for the city of Buffalo assigned at Engine 2, located at Elmwood and Virginia.

Bobby shared that he is very grateful that Buffalo Stamping gave him an opportunity seven years ago. Working at the plant allowed him to purchase his home and for that, he is grateful, said Bobby.

Though we will miss Bobby who came to the plant to make a positive difference, BSP is happy for him.  Knowing that he achieved is dream makes us all very proud of him.  And as we all know, firefighters are heroes!

Good luck Bobby and of course stay safe…

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