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View of Buffalo Stamping Plant's press room process coaches new work stations.

Changes are taking place for our press room production process coaches. You may have noticed that our cleaning service DFM now occupies the former production office.  As a result, the press room process coaches have been relocated to the Blue Room.

Press room area manager Rick Weber said that he wanted to place his coaches in an area that promotes positive interaction. The new open space floor plan gives each process coach the opportunity to develop strong relationships between co-workers. This further aligns the team to several of the Ford Truth Initiatives that include be curious, create tomorrow and to work together as ONE team.

Studies have shown that bringing people together helps to inspire faster learning, improved communication, and more ideas. Ford is no different when it comes to relying on brainstorming for new ideas. Having all process coaches in one space can help these ideas to flow quicker and get all involved in the process.

The new space includes individual storage area for each process coach. These storage cabinets have electrical outlets that allows them to charge their equipment.

A large conference room is adjacent to their work areas which is equipped with a wireless projector for easy display of information.

Process Coach Anna Fulfaro really likes the new area. She indicated that the industry has a new way of thinking regarding office design and technologies. The wireless projector allows her to communicate issues quickly from her laptop or phone. Anna believes that the open space allows team members to openly express new thoughts and ideas with each other. 

Shift Manager Bill LaRosa likes the fact that we are going more paperless which will help eliminate waste.   

Rick indicated that we are looking at other options that will improve the work area that includes adding other support departments to the work space.

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