Not All Heroes Wear Capes: Meet the Security Team of CSAP

This is the security team for the Cuautitlan Stamping and Assembly Plant in Mexico. Their mission? Taking care of us while we work and making sure we are all safe, but that job is no easy feat. They audit suppliers, safety-check visitors and the trains that move the Mustang Mach-E, and also look out for the periphery of the plant as well as the interior. One of the most important parts of their role is responding to accidents and critical situations. They must react immediately to protect the lives integrity of not only the people who work at CSAP but those that surround our community too.

An odd situation occurred one March night that captured the attention of Ford’s security team: a family traveling in their car got stuck in the middle of the train tracks that lay just outside the site, in the path of the Mustang Mach-E supply chain. It was a dangerous place to be, posing a threat to the family and their car. Two members of the family were out of the vehicle, trying to free it by pushing. The family had no idea what might be bearing down on them.

Inside CSAP, Elizabeth Peralta, CSAP CCTV camera monitor, saw what was happening and without hesitation, notified the guard José Trinidad, who in turn escalated the situation with Francisco Cárdenas, Security Coordinator. Since they knew that the train was going to pass through the path in a matter of minutes.

“I felt a lot of adrenaline because I saw what was happening on the other side of the plant and although it is not the first time that I have been in a critical situation, the adrenaline was aroused as I felt helpless because I could only watch from the cameras and all I could was to trust in my team”, Elizabeth said.

Enrique Plata, another member of the security team, joined his colleagues José and Francisco to quickly get to the family. Together the three of them helped the family push their vehicle so it could get back on the road. It happened just in time; a few seconds later the train passed where they had been stuck.

“It was like the climax of a movie, if our Security team had been 15 seconds late, the train would have hit the car, there was no way to stop it. They reacted in the best possible way, they did everything right to help this family”, mentioned Alberto Torres, Security Coordinator.

At Ford of Mexico we are very proud to have a team that protects us like Elizabeth, Francisco, José and Enrique who showed us that in Cuautitlán we have the best people as part of our family. They are our heroes without capes, and we have nothing but respect and admiration for them.

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