Ford of Britain Celebrates Global Mustang Day in Style

DUNTON, UK – These Ford Mustangs were among more than 30 lined up in the sun over the weekend to celebrate the muscle car’s 58th birthday.

Ford of Britain organised the get-together at the Caffeine and Machine automotive hangout near Stratford-on-Avon on Global Mustang Day.

The company invited media and influencers to drive and talk Mustang, and took along Mustang Mach 1 V8 and Mach-E models in every available colour and specification.

Right hand drive Mustangs were launched in the UK seven years ago, with V8 and electric Mach-E models on sale today. Ford has sold 5,000 Mach-E variants in the UK in the past 14 months.

Those cars were joined at the ‘cars and coffee’-style event by an impressive collection of Mustang owners’ club cars, giving visitors plenty to photograph and admire.  

Since the launch of the first generation, there have been 867 colour choices for Mustang. With every colour comes subtle shifts in tone - there have even been 67 whites and 57 blacks over the years. Different paints, from sparkling to solid finishes, lend their own distinctive style.

What will set the tone for the future of Mustang? Neutrals are making their mark, with red the classic colour-pop of choice. 'Technology' silvers and whites are proving popular colour options for Mach-E models and subtle, flecked finishes and 'mood ring', shade-shifting darks are on the horizon.

"It's such a perfect car to work with," explains Carrie Kennerly, who is part of the team responsible for colour and material design at Ford. "When the sun hits those Mustang curves just right, each colour looks incredible.

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