My Unbridled Experience with the Mustang Mach-E

Editor’s note: @FordOnline recently awarded a five-day loan of the Mustang Mach-E to two lucky employees. This article is a review of the vehicle and has been edited for publishing.

While my role at Ford has me working on the electric future, driving the 2021 Mustang Mach-E Premium all-wheel-drive model was my first experience in an all-electric vehicle.

The first thing I noticed as I sat in the car was the extremely comfortable driver’s seat for a woman my size (5-foot-2, 115 pounds). I can reach all the controls and easily reach the huge display. There isn’t another car out there that fits me this well.

Once I was comfortable in the driver’s seat, I experienced amazing, unbridled acceleration. The responsiveness made me appreciate the comfort of the driver’s seat even more as the car pushed me deeper into the seat with the slightest punch on the accelerator. Wow and wow! I truly felt I was connected to this vehicle. The transmission downshifts, upshifts, hesitations, clunks and lags in the responsiveness of gasoline-powered vehicles are gone with the Mach-E.

I am beyond amazed and proud of everything about the Mach-E’s engineering. It is an exhilarating, thrilling ride. As I drove on the Southfield Freeway, a guy in a Ram pickup truck gave me a thumbs-up. I had a second guy ask me in a parking lot if it was a Mach-E. His jaw dropped when I said yes. The car is most definitely a head-turner.

The huge display put all of the vehicle’s settings at my fingertips and was intuitive to use. I loved how huge the navigation map is on the display. The display provides me the vehicle charging status and specific usage along with the ability to easily find an open charging station along my route. I made it a point to visit four different charging stations to sample the Mach-E charging experience. Charging the car could not be any easier – and charging while I shopped was a bonus. Gone is the nasty gasoline smell on my hands.

Of the three drive modes available, I fell in love with Unbridled Mode. I could not get enough of this exciting Ford product. I’m sold on electric vehicles and sold on the Mach-E!

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