Ford Launches China Design Center in Shanghai to Deliver “Best of Ford, Best of China” Vehicles

the full-sized clay model workshop
All-new Ford Mondeo

“Progressive Energy in Strength” – All-new Mondeo Showcases Evolution of Ford Design Language

“Progressive Energy in Strength” is the design language developed by Ford with Chinese consumers’ aesthetics sensibility in mind. It embodies three fundamental expressional design principles Ford strives to achieve in its designs for China: commanding, agile and responsive.

Ford’s all-new Mondeo showcases these design elements. The front end’s coast-to-coast LED lighting immediately emphasizes the vehicle's width, giving it a commanding presence at first sight. Mondeo’s sleek silhouette, accelerated hood line and speedy shoulder lines create a sense of dynamic fluid agility. The rear is in harmony with the front, with coast-to-coast lighting again emphasizing width and creating an aesthetic that is both refined and muscular.

“Mondeo says a lot about who we are today and what we intend to deliver going forward,” said Anthony Lo, Global Chief Design Officer, Ford Motor Company. “You will see new possibilities emerging for a new generation of vehicles that will truly resonate with the emotions and mobility aspirations of people worldwide. The China Design Center is so much more than a building. It embodies our optimism for the future as well as the creativity, determination and hard work of our talented team."

Along with the Ford Product Development Center in Nanjing, Ford China New Energy Center, and Ford China Innovation Center, the China Design Center is among the four pillars underpinning Ford’s brand transformation in the world’s largest auto market.


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