Ford Accelerates Software-Led Transformation by Joining Forces with ADT to Create Canopy Joint Venture, Advance Vehicle Security

– The Ford New Businesses Platform team is announcing today an important new collaboration with ADT to form Canopy, a new start-up that will help commercial and retail owners strengthen vehicle security. 

Conceived and incubated inside the team, Canopy is a key early example of Ford transforming ownership experiences from periodic sales and services moments to more dynamic “always on” relationships through connected vehicle technologies and services. It also represents the entrepreneurial drive to foster ideas and innovate with new technologies, services and experiences that deliver on Ford+.

The team is led by Franck Louis-Victor, who recently arrived at Ford from Renault with over 20 years of experience in automotive software technology intersecting hardware. Importantly, Ford and Canopy expect to offer security subscription services to generate the type of recurring revenue that can help create even more business value with software services alone being projected to be a $20 billion industry opportunity by 2030. 

The team also recognized that a home security company could provide valuable expertise and experience through collaboration. And naturally ADT was top-of-mind since they their professional monitoring service has become a staple for the industry – and now combines with Ford’s AI technology leadership to create industry-first offerings for vehicle customers. This unique business model will allow Canopy to bring advanced security systems to many more customers by offering solutions across a variety of makes and models.

The Ford-Canopy team also epitomizes how the Ford+ Plan is bringing new opportunities for employees to transform their own careers. For example, Christian Moran will serve as Canopy’s interim CEO. He previously served much of his career in Information Technology roles before joining the early formation of the New Businesses Platform team where he realized he could explore long-held entrepreneurial ambitions. From the start, the Ford-Canopy team has prioritized collaboration as as they have engineered, manufactured, and piloted a physical device while working remote in the pandemic. Already, the team has demonstrated the commitment and drive to not only each other but to customers.

Two key early co-creators with Christian, Ben Brown – vice president of Engineering, and Sam Harris – vice president of Product have led Canopy product development with the Ford team along with the sponsorship and support of Jim Baumbick .  Ben brings experience from Ford X – Ford's Mobility venture incubator where he’s spent his time envisioning, building, and validating new ventures and business models to shape the future of transportation. Sam has drawn on the region’s expertise as the global commercial van leader as well as experience from his time with Ford of Europe’s Smart Mobility team.  

Together, they continue recruiting new employees as Canopy rapidly expands to deliver ambitious product plans with a company mission to stop vehicle crimes with an early emphasis on theft. You can read more about the company launch at www.Canopy.Security and follow progress at (99+) Canopy: Overview | LinkedIn.

This joint venture marks a milestone in the connected vehicle journey, as well as the coming together of two well-known and trusted global companies. You can read the full release here

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