TBT: Fizzled Soda Partnership Adds Intrigue to Special Edition '7 Up Mustangs'

Of all the rare Mustangs out there, few were designed to match the appearance of a popular soda on the market, but a series of 1990 Deep Emerald Green Mustang LX convertibles, complete with white leather interior and white top, actually were.

Thirty of these limited-edition Mustangs – which came to be known as “7 Up Mustangs” by collectors for the namesake promotion – were planned as grand prizes for a contest being run by 7 Up, sponsor for the 1990 NCAA men’s basketball tournament. While the giveaway was said to include a half-court shot contest in the finals, the campaign was cancelled at the last minute, for reasons not entirely clear. A planned advertisement around the same time also promoted the Mustangs as a grand prize for 7 Up drinkers, with a bottle cap matching the correct final score of the championship game.

The promotion was shelved, but Ford had planned to sell thousands of these limited-edition Mustangs – the exterior color of which had not been available in regular production up to that point. Two units were built as engineering test vehicles in December 1989, and the first of these limited-edition Mustangs sold on March 2, 1990, nearly two weeks prior to the kickoff of the basketball tournament.

In the end, just more than 4,100 of these limited-edition 5.0-liter Mustangs were sold. And while the soda pop contest fizzled, Deep Emerald Green was a winner, continuing in subsequent years of Mustang production.

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