Ford Teams Up with Oreo for Thins Protection Program; Chance to Win Exclusive Maverick Owner's Manual Packaging

Cookie thieves beware! Ford has teamed up with Oreo Thins, the ultimate cookie for adults, to launch the Oreo Thins Protection Program to take cookie-hiding to new heights by creating a collection of specially designed camouflaged packs that allow cookies to be hidden in plain sight – because kids can’t eat parents’ Oreo Thins cookies if they can’t find them.

The Oreo Thins Limited Edition Ford Camo Pack looks like an owner’s manual for the all-new 2022 Ford Maverick and can be easily stashed in a glove compartment – ideal for snacking even when away from home. The side of the pack looks like a Ford Maverick owner’s manual while the top looks like a normal Oreo Thins pack.

Unless cookie thieves have a special interest in car mechanics, they won’t be snooping through the glove compartment or think twice about seeing the spine of the all-new 2022 Ford Maverick Owner’s Manual in their vehicle.

Why Maverick and Oreo Thins Are a Perfect Pair

The Ford Maverick showing up on the side of an Oreo Thins pack might seem like an unlikely pairing, but there’s a reason Oreo and Ford are teaming up for this covert cookie hiding mission. Oreo cookies powered the team that developed the all-new 2022 Ford Maverick.

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The Maverick team competed like a challenger and cut 20 months out of Ford’s normal product development schedule.

During this time, the Maverick team spent long hours in their collaboration room, which featured a pantry – and in that pantry was a lot of Oreos. The team lived off Oreos for weeks.

“I’ve always been a huge Oreo fan and I love to try all the new flavors,” said Katie Pecoraro, Maverick program management supervisor. “I’m typically an enabler of snacks for my work team, so when we started the collocated space for the Maverick Team, I brought out the Oreos!

“The physical change of collocating our team into one room, was the first enabler for us to work differently,” she said.  “By sitting together, we learned much more about our team, and utilized the strengths of various individuals to create an exciting, new product.”

Changing the senior management reviews into “shirt sleeves meetings,” where leadership was invited into the Maverick collocation room to roll up their sleeves and problem solve with the team, also allowed the Maverick team to limit bureaucracy and make decisions faster.   

There was lots of brilliant work that took place in this collocated Maverick room and during the vehicle’s development, lots of Oreos were consumed. In total the Maverick team ate more than 100 packs of Oreos. Each time they finished a pack, they stuck the Oreo pack on the wall for display.

“I decided that the team should try and vote on various flavors to make the work environment fun and light, plus the little shot of sugar in the afternoon never hurts,” Pecoraro said. “At one point, we decided we should keep track of all the flavors and packages of Oreos we consumed to power the Maverick team, so the labels were attached to the top of the wall like a wallpaper border.”

Tell Us Your Favorite Flavor and Hiding Spot

Are you like the Maverick team and prefer Double Stuf? Do you like the Golden Oreos or the trading Oreo? Or like Pecoraro – do you venture to the wild side with limited edition Oreos, Watermelon is her personal favorite.

Tell us in the comments below your favorite Oreo flavor and where you keep your secret stash.

“We had a secret hiding place in a cubicle shelving unit tovkeep our Oreo predators at bay,” Pecoraro said.

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