Ford’s Cuautitlán Plant is Certified as an Inclusive Company

Ford Mexico is focused on building a better world where people get together and work as a team in order to create a culture of respect, bringing the employees the opportunity to grow, learn, be themselves and pursue their dreams. In this way, Ford Cuautitlan is committed to generate more consciousness about the capabilities and talents of everyone because as human beings, we want to be accepted and respected for who we are.

The Diversity, Equity and Labor Inclusion (DEI) help us to understand, accept and appreciate the differences between the people who conform a team. These differences may include race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, disability and sexual orientation, even education, personality, capabilities and experiences. At CSAP we recognize there are more groups, genders, cultures, but everyone must have the same opportunity to grow and develop in the company.

We proudly announce that 24.32% of our headcount are women and Today at Ford CSAP 24.32% of our headcount are women.

5% of our Salary and Hourly personnel belong to one of these vulnerable groups: people with disabilities, adults over 60 years of age, people with HIV, afro-Mexicans, people from indigenous groups and / or ethnicities, people from the LGBTTTI community and heads of 5.02% of our salary and hourly workers belong to one of these vulnerable groups (People with disabilities, adults over 60 years of age. People with HIV, Afro-Mexicans, people from indigenous groups and / or ethnicities, people from the LGBTTTI community and Heads of

5.02% of our workers salary and hourly belong to any of these vulnerable groups (people with disabilities, adults over 60 years. People with HIV, Afro-Mexican, people groups and / or indigenous groups, people of LGBTTTI and Jefas community, family with children with disabilities or sick seniors in their care.)

What are the “Gilberto Rincón Gallardo Inclusive Company Distinctive" and the “Orange Distinctive for Equality in Companies"?

The “Gilberto Rincón Gallardo Inclusive Company Distinctive”, is a recognition that the Federal Government delivered this year through the Ministry of Labor and Social Prevention to Ford Motor Company Cuautitlán Plant for the development and implementation of inclusion policies and good labor practices aimed to promote work spaces free of discrimination and encouraging the culture of labor inclusion in CSAP facilities.

On April 22th, CSAP and other 29 companies from the State of Mexico received from the government the "Orange Distinctive for Equality in Companies", an award that shows the actions we have been implemented at CSAP to eradicate the inequality gaps between women and men in the workplace. This distinction is awarded for improving labor practices in matters of gender, enhancing the empowerment and independence of working women and guaranteeing the rights of workers compliance in an environment free of discrimination.

For both distinctives it was necessary achieve several requirements which demonstrate that Ford is a company where people is the most valuable resource, where employees work in a safe environment free of discrimination and with equal opportunities and an enterprise that promotes life and work balance.

To obtain the “Orange Distinctive for Equality in Companies”, we carry out several fundamental actions such as: Promote the balance between family and work life, recruitment of personnel with equal opportunities no matter the gender, improvement of physical conditions of work spaces, promote training and awareness on the matter of equality and prevent violence against women, harassment and sexual harassment.

For me, it’s a great honor to receive these distinctives because they show that we are immensely proud of working in an environment where the diversity, equity and inclusion add value to the labor culture, where actions are promoted to break with social stigmas and where each of the employees’ experiences and knowledge create a better work environment and contribute in generating better business results” said Dr. Cristina Martínez, Medical Service Coordinator. 

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