U.S. President Joe Biden to Visit Ford Rouge Site to Preview F-150 Lightning, Electrification Leadership

Below is a Ford Motor Company statement regarding the upcoming visit to the Rouge site on May 18 by President Joe Biden

“We’re honored to host President Biden at Ford Motor Company and excited to preview for him the new F-150 Lightning and the exciting technologies that made it possible. Electrifying America’s best-selling vehicle is a milestone in our country’s transition to cleaner transportation. The F-150 Lightning will be built by UAW workers at an innovative, green plant on the historic Rouge complex in Dearborn, Michigan.”


Ford is America’s No. 1 auto manufacturer, assembling more vehicles and employing more hourly workers in the U.S. than any other automaker. With dealerships in every state, and more than 5,300 U.S.-based supplier sites, Ford builds in America, for America.

Ford believes that making truly connected, fully electric vehicles for our customers, investing in America, combatting climate change, and maintaining a strong business are complementary goals. We are proud to be the first full-line automaker to bring all-electric full-size pickup trucks and commercial vans to customers in the U.S. The E-Transit will be available to customers later this year, the F-150 Lightning will be by mid-2022, and both will be assembled in the U.S. by UAW workers.

Ford is a sustainability leader – committed to sourcing 100% renewable energy for our global operations by 2035 and being fully carbon neutral worldwide by 2050, consistent with the Paris Climate Accord. Ford is the only full-line U.S. automaker to stand with California in support of stronger standards for greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles.

Ford is committed to investing more than $22 billion in vehicle electrification through 2025, including $700 million to expand our pickup truck manufacturing in Dearborn, Michigan, with the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center to produce the F-150 Lightning. In April, Ford announced an additional $185 million investment to create Ford Ion Park in Southeast Michigan, a collaborative learning lab dedicated to developing, testing and building vehicle battery cells and cell arrays and an additional investment in Solid Power, a recognized leader in solid-state battery technology, based in Colorado.

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