Tips for Locking in Your COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment

COVID-19 vaccines are becoming available for more Americans with every passing day, and millions of shots continue to be administered daily across the country. Now, the biggest challenge for many is to lock in an appointment. Here are some tips from Dr. Francesca Litow, Ford’s corporate medical director, on securing your COVID-19 vaccine appointment.

Register, register, register
Many are unaware that some COVID-19 vaccine providers are offering registration rather than scheduling for an appointment. Registration involves adding your basic information, including first and last name, address, phone and email, and sometimes insurance information. You do not have to provide your social security number when entering personal information and you do not have to pay for a COVID-19 vaccine.

Once registered, you are added to a virtual queue and continue to move up as more people get a COVID-19 vaccine. The provider will send you an email or text message or call you on the phone when it’s your turn to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Litow recommends registering with multiple providers to give yourself more opportunities for an appointment. Once you do lock in an appointment, be sure to cancel your other registrations so others will be able to move up the line.

Early bird gets the worm
Registration for appointments with COVID-19 vaccine providers usually opens in the early morning. Many people are setting their alarms earlier than normal to find newly available COVID-19 vaccine appointments.

Some providers post new appointments to their registration sites before 6 a.m., so Dr. Litow suggests visiting their pages in the early morning if possible.

The bigger, the better
More locations that administer COVID-19 vaccines have been opening recently. This includes pharmacies, local medical centers, even large arenas where sporting events would usually be happening. Ford Field is one such site, which recently transformed into a mass vaccination clinic operated by FEMA that’s capable of administering up to 6,000 doses per day.

If you are having trouble getting an appointment, Dr. Litow recommends checking out availability at these larger COVID-19 vaccination sites such as Ford Field in Detroit and Cardinal Stadium in Louisville. The number of appointments available at these locations is much larger than your local pharmacy, meaning the virtual queue also moves quicker.

Local opportunities
Many are looking at CVS, Rite Aid and other traditional vaccine providers for their COVID-19 vaccine appointment. However, Dr. Litow says there are also community-based opportunities for a vaccine and that you should check your local city government website for them. For example, Dearborn held a mass vaccination event last month at the Islamic Center of America in partnership with the local Muslim community. Currently, Detroit residents and city workers can register at TCF Center for a vaccine by calling 313.230.0505.

Be persistent!
We understand the frustration when it comes to locking in a COVID-19 vaccine appointment. With increased vaccine supply becoming available, persistence is key. Continue to register across various providers and look daily for newly opening COVID-19 vaccine venues locally.

We are encouraging our employees to get a COVID-19 vaccine when they are eligible and if they are medically able to do so. Click here to find current COVID-19 vaccine eligibility and key links to providers. Let’s #FinishStrong together!

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