RESTaurant Week: Lincoln Celebrates Restaurant Industry in New Spot, Offers Local Detroit Favorite Week Off to Recharge

Sanctuary is core to the Lincoln brand and everything it does for its clients – and by extension, its community. The restaurant industry, as well as many others, have worked tirelessly over the last year. To recognize their collective effort, resilience and service to their local communities, Lincoln is spotlighting a local metro Detroit restaurant and gifted them with a bit of sanctuary as part of its new spring campaign.

Marrow, a two-time James Beard Award nominated restaurant and butcher shop in Lincoln’s hometown of Detroit, adapted to change multiple times over the course of the year, to serve its community and stay afloat like many other restaurants across the country. At one point, Marrow became a micro-marketplace grocery store, and at another, they focused their efforts on takeout meals for frontline workers.

To give back and show appreciation for their tireless work, Lincoln provided the Marrow team with a well-deserved, much-needed rest – a paid vacation, covering the cost of operations for a week, while they took time to recharge.

“The week away was such a perfect break from the hardest couple months of our work lives,” said Sarah Welch, Marrow executive chef. “Not having to be plugged in to keeping a fledging business afloat is a completely different kind of rest than taking a day or two off. It’s the ability to slip into completely relaxation - a luxury people so invested in their work, as we are, are not often afforded. We were all so grateful for that peace, especially given the stresses of the year. It left us feeling rejuvenated, invigorated, and ready to take on reopening in this pandemic.”

On the last night of the week, Lincoln, with the help of partner The Apparatus Room of the Detroit Foundation Hotel, brought the Marrow team together to share a family meal – providing a moment for them that they usually provide for so many others.

“This is about community, celebrating the local heroes – the hard workers – and giving them a little bit of sanctuary,” said Eric Peterson, Lincoln marketing communications manager. “The last year has been uncharted territory for many, and we want to celebrate their achievements, resilience and willingness to power through, giving them time to reset for greater things ahead.”

Lincoln is extending this initiative to its dealer network, encouraging them to identify a group of people who deserve to be celebrated for their resiliency and impact during the past year – whether it be a local restaurant, first responders or even their own staff – and coordinate a contribution, be it a meal or a donation.

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