For Kentucky Truck Plant Team, Going Above and Beyond for Veteran Super Duty Customer is All in a Day’s Work


LOUISVILLE – For the team at Kentucky Truck Plant, providing top-notch customer service is all in a day’s work – as was the case when a special request from a veteran Super Duty customer came in when his truck was already on the line.

Thanks to the team’s quick response and dedication to treating the customer like family, Nicholas Mudry, a disabled veteran and Super Duty owner since 2008, was able to receive power adjustable pedals – a feature unavailable on the 2021 F-350 model he recently ordered.

“My FX4 had adjustable power pedals which provide great assistance in driving,” wrote Mudry in a letter to Kentucky Truck Plant Manager Andrew Tapp. “I am a 100% disabled veteran and my legs are different length due to my service-connected disability.”

With the alternative being a cancelation and reorder, Mudry sent the email to Tapp at 11 p.m. on March 2 to see if the team could assist. Tapp saw the note at 6 a.m. the next morning, forwarding it to his team to see how they could help.

“I wanted to treat the customer like family,” said Tapp. “He realized that what he ordered was not exactly what he needed, so I felt compelled to get it corrected because the dealer said they could not.  I instantly felt a connection to Nick and just wanted to see what we could do.

“He also mentioned that he was a veteran and that motivated me even more,” Tapp added. “At KTP, we support our veterans and so does Ford, so the least we could do was to help him out in any way possible. I would want the same treatment.”

It turned into a group effort to make sure the customer’s request was fulfilled. Quality Manager William Jackson pulled the info on the truck to locate it in Paint, while MP&L Scheduling Supervisor Rene Becker placed the unit on hold, then confirmed with Customer Vehicle Scheduling Analyst Lia Ham in Dearborn that the unit in question did not have the requested option available, which opened the door for the team to make the change for the customer.

Todd Ashton, a former quality manager at KTP who now manages North America Lincoln quality operations, saw this effort as it unfolded and monitored its progress. He said it indicates the lengths Ford employees are willing to go to ensure they meet customers’ needs.

“Little things we do like this impact the customer forever,” said Ashton. “Manufacturing operates in seconds. To us, it’s a blur; a little thing we did as we went about our business. But to the customer, they’ll tell their friends and family about this for years. We were able to fix an issue in under 24 hours that would have been a headache for that customer to deal with later.”

To top it off, the team at KTP added a personalized plaque in the Super Duty that the customer will receive upon delivery.

The customer wrote a letter to Jim Farley lauding the KTP team’s exceptional treatment of his request.

“That is going above and beyond,” wrote Mudry, “and it’s why I am a loyal Ford customer and will remain one for life … I would like to especially thank Mr. Tapp, Mr. Jackson and the entire Ford family for exceptional customer service.”

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