From Ford School to plant manager: The story of Marcos Madrid

There are stories that inspire us and make us believe that if we bet big on our dreams, there is no limit to what we can accomplish. In commemoration of Children’s Day in Mexico, we want to tell the story of a boy who broke all barriers and today is part of our big Ford family – Marcos Madrid, plant manager of Cuautitlán Stamping and Assembly Plant.

Long ago, in Cananea, a mining town in Sonora, Madrid was in his second year of elementary school at Ford School No. 94. Ford Schools, located throughout the country, are supported by the Civic Committee of Ford and its dealers, which identifies areas that are ideal for building such schools so that every child has access to a quality education. At Ford, the engine to everything is learning, and Madrid is living proof of the importance of education. Madrid will tell you that he has been working for Ford Motor Company since the second grade, because that was the moment his passion for the brand began.

He knew exactly what his vocation would be early on. A Ford manager had paid a visit to the school and, when he got out of his Crown Victoria, Madrid heard the way in which he spoke about Ford as being a big family. Right then, Madrid knew that this was his future, and he would work hard to make all his dreams come true.

He graduated with a degree in industrial engineering from the University of Sonora, then joined the Ford team as a manufacturing and body stamping engineer at Hermosillo Stamping Plant. Madrid then went on to travel the world with the company, working for Ford of Japan for three years, then in Germany. He worked for Ford in India for a year and then in Thailand for two years.

Eventually, Madrid returned to Mexico to serve as launch manager at Chihuahua Engine Plant for the three-cylinder engine – a challenging assignment. In 2019, he arrived at the Cuautitlán plant to oversee the launch of the Mustang Mach-E, the first electric car built 100 percent in Mexico by Ford.

“Visiting different parts of the world and being responsible for incredible launches has undoubtedly given me the opportunity to live many anecdotes and experiences, which drive me to continue surpassing my own expectations and fulfilling my dreams,” said Madrid. “At Ford, we never stop learning.”  

Madrid’s experience working in Thailand left a big impression on him. An engineer there had offered to teach him meditation, which led him to connect with Buddhist monks who practiced the technique and helped him to resolve doubts he had. He got the opportunity to participate in the initiation of a monk in a Buddhist temple, which revealed to him the roots of the culture and a deeper connection with people.

This extraordinary experience has been fundamental to Madrid’s development – allowing him to know himself better, to learn to deal with stress, and to manage his different roles and responsibilities successfully.

Now, as plant manager of Cuautitlán Assembly Plant, Madrid shows great leadership and support for each of his team members, teaching everyone that it is never too late to create exceptional stories. The employees of Cuautitlán Assembly Plant are extremely proud that Madrid leads this unique team, as he is a source of inspiration for every child who enters a Ford School – never giving up, but above all, always persevering and dreaming higher.

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