The Pandemic Year’s Best and Worst: Crowdsourced COVID Edition Top 10

We asked, you answered. We’ve put together a COVID Edition Top 10 list based on your responses to our question about the best and worst of the pandemic, as well as insights we’ve gleaned since this all began. Read below to see what you and your colleagues had to say:

1. Best: Having a commute of only a few steps to work.
    Worst: Not being able to leave home for work to catch those potlucks, get-togethers and post-work happy hours. 

2. Best: Taking WebEx meetings in the garden on a warm summer day.
    Worst: [connection lost]

3. Best: Having your unwavering companions by your side.
    Worst: Trying to work with hungry animals breaking down your office door.

4. Best: The ability to do most of your job from a laptop.
    Worst: Working on a screen smaller than a piece of A4 copy paper.

5. Best: Wondering what Jim Hackett typed on that typewriter sitting on his desk during Global Team Huddles.
    Worst: Watching the chat speculate that answer in real time.

6. Best: The ability to knock out household chores before 5 p.m.    
    Worst: Setting the bar for chores a little too high. 

7. Best: Wearing pajamas to a 7 a.m. meeting.
    Worst: Forgetting to turn off your web cam in your morning haze. 

8. Best: Not having to bring a packed lunch to work (or order out) every day.
    Worst: Missing out on Al-Saha at World Headquarters.

9. Best: No more lunches at your desk!
    Worst: Just kidding.

10. Best: Uninterrupted periods of productivity due to a lack of desk visits from random co-workers.
    Worst: Missing your random co-workers. 

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