Share Your Vaccination Photos – and How It Changes Your Life

Have you gotten your COVID-19 vaccine yet?

Ford Chief Technology Officer Dr. Ken Washington just received his first shot – and he’s so happy to have done his part, he’s telling everyone.

“I’ve never been so excited and happy to get a shot before,” he said. “I’m texting this to my friends and family as though I won the lottery! With this shot, I’m one step closer to seeing my grandkids again, and it feels great to know that I’m doing my part to help our company and our country finish strong.”

As the COVID-19 pandemic lingers on, it’s easy to gripe about minor inconveniences like being unable dine out, sheltering in place, or being required to wear a mask in public. But for many, COVID-19 has isolated people from their families and friends for nearly a year.

As more vaccination opportunities open in the U.S., we want to document our people as they receive their shots.

Submit a selfie, or photo of you after receiving your COVID-19 vaccine, to the #FinishStrong channel on @BlueOvalNow and tell us what this vaccination will do for you – and how it might change your life.

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