#FinishStrong Map Details Ford Face Mask Distribution by State

As Ford moves closer to the one-year anniversary of its transition into personal protective equipment production, the company is continuing its commitment to supporting those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic through the #FinishStrong initiative. Ford, in partnership with the UAW and its philanthropic arm, the Ford Motor Company Fund, will continue manufacturing and distributing millions more masks to at-risk communities, with a goal of 120 million through mid-2021 – including 25 million masks over the next five weeks.

In the year since the United States recorded its first confirmed case of COVID-19, Ford and its UAW partners have produced more than 66 million face masks which have been distributed to nonprofit organizations, state and local officials, first responders, schools, community groups and Ford dealerships in all 50 states, as well as Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico.

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The total number of masks the company has provided includes 14.5 million in Ford’s home state of Michigan, plus millions more in states hardest hit by the pandemic – 7 million in California, 3.5 million in Texas and 2.3 million in New York.

Ford has also made significant contributions in other states where it has manufacturing operations. Illinois (Chicago Assembly, Chicago Stamping) has received more than 4 million masks, while Kentucky (Kentucky Truck, Louisville Assembly) has received nearly 4 million. Here’s a breakdown of mask distribution in each state where Ford vehicles are built:

  • Michigan: 14.5 million
  • Illinois: 4.3 million
  • Kentucky: 3.9 million
  • Ohio: 3.1 million
  • Missouri: 3.3 million
  • New York: 2.3 million

Ford recently also donated more than 4 million face masks to support the nation’s inaugural activities in Washington, D.C. That includes 15,000 customized masks created for volunteers, staff, law enforcement and elected officials to wear for the inauguration ceremony.

In addition to masks, Ford and the UAW have produced 20 million face shields, 50,000 patient ventilators, more than 32,000 powered air-purifying respirators (in collaboration with 3M) and 1.6 million washable isolation gowns.

Ford’s PPE production efforts will soon include two new innovative anti-virus solutions. The company has created a patent-pending clear respirator that allows for better expression and communication, which can also benefit hearing-impaired people who read lips. Ford has also developed an inexpensive open-source design for a fan and HVAC filter combination that could help reduce virus particle concentrations in enclosed spaces such as classrooms.

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