The Ford Spirit: Yvonne Stephan Talks German Flooding and Volunteer Response in Latest Purpose Film Series

Stepping up to help our communities is nothing new, the promise of a better world for people has been Ford’s motivation since its beginning. From the creation of our philanthropic arm, Ford Motor Company Fund, more than 70 years ago to the Ford Volunteer Corps, built as a response to the need created by three natural disasters in 2005, we are committed to helping our neighbors in need. And, our employees are the backbone of our commitment.

Like Yvonne Stephan.

With help and support from the company, Yvonne has been able to continue volunteering to help those in her community while also coordinating large-scale volunteer efforts for the Ford Germany, all while contributing great work as an SE&SE vehicle recycling analyst. Done throughout the year, Yvonne is especially an active giver during the Ford Volunteer Corps’ annual month-long service effort known as Global Caring Month.

But this year she had to pivot because nothing could prepare her – or the country – for the catastrophic flooding that Europe faced this summer. She led the charge by pulling together a team to championing volunteer enrollment, helping coordinate local team efforts and being on hand to answer any questions volunteers, nongovernmental organizations and affected persons may have. By now more than 180 Ford teams joined the projects supporting people in need as an effect of this horrific natural disaster and there is still demand.

Volunteer efforts in response to the flooding in Germany began in July and continued through Global Caring Month in September.

But she was happy to see that while she and many fellow employees jumped in for flood relief and recovery projects, the annual month continued per usual to support communities. To maintain health and safety amid the pandemic, Ford employees participated in a nomination-based grant awarding for organizations around the world during this year’s Global Caring Month. Altogether, the Ford Fund awarded $700,000 in grants to 149 employee-nominated nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations in 34 countries. Proof that despite the conditions, our employees continue to give selflessly of their time and energy to help one another in any way they can.

For Yvonne, this unwavering care we have for people is what Ford is all about.

Her story is the latest feature in the “What Purpose Means to Me” series – check it out and be inspired.

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check it out and be inspired

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