Get Ready for the Next-Gen Ranger!

- Keep your eyes peeled – day or night – the next-generation Ford Ranger could be in a neighborhood near you!!!

When it came to testing our #NextGenRanger in the city, country, on-road and off-road, we faced a dilemma: how could we put the vehicle through its paces in harsh landscapes across IMG but keep its still-to-be-revealed features under wraps? The answer: specially designed camouflage wrap.  

Enter the designer of the Ranger’s unique Bronco R-inspired block-style camouflage, Lee Imrie, and his team - who used the science of optics to mask some of the pickup’s key visual secrets until it is  unmasked later this year.

The objective was to build a mind-bending optical illusion and 3D effect to confuse cameras and eyes. While the test truck is recognisable as a Ranger, its shape and exterior features are cleverly concealed.  Lee and team layered hundreds of blue, black and white fractals denser at the bottom and more scattered at the top to give the design a feeling of movement. The digitized pattern took two months to develop and test. The design was then printed onto vinyl and applied onto the Next-Gen Rangers being tested all around the world.   There was still one more layer to add. This one consisted of up to one hundred reflective fractals, each one was added by hand. Being reflective, it makes the details on the test Rangers even harder to photograph and make the Next-Gen Ranger unmissable at night.

While we are not trying to hide the fact that this is the #NextGenRanger thanks to the hashtag and QR code built into the pattern, we don’t want to fully reveal the final design just yet.

  View our camo video here -   

Fancy getting involved?

Employees can also support and enhance the amplification of the Ranger launch by referencing the #NextGenRanger hashtag in their social media posts and re-posting Ford pre-launch material.

Stay on the lookout for more updates as we continue to share details in the upcoming weeks and months.  

Not long now before the wraps come off!

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