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The O.J. Simpson chase happened more than 25 years ago, yet there are still a lot of questions about its impact on the demise of Bronco two years later. For the first time ever we take you inside Ford to discover what was happening that night: Inside a Ford factory, inside the Ford Call Center, and inside the Chairman’s office. Plus find out what really precipitated the end of the road for Bronco.

Host Sonari Glinton was working on the assembly line at the Chicago Assembly Plant in 1994. He shares his insights from that day as he and his coworkers watched the chase live from “the oasis”, a break room in the plant.

Meanwhile in the Ford customer call center then-supervisor Robert Parker had just started his second day on the job as they fielded calls from people asking if they were watching the chase. There were no televisions in the call center, and the internet hadn’t hit the mainstream, so as the chase unfolded Robert and his team huddled around radios and relied on phonecalls from friends for information in an effort to formulate a response to the calls flooding the center.

Finally, David Scott, head of Ford’s public affairs department in 1994, provides his perspective on the executive response to the chase, why Ford “killed” the Bronco, and rise of Expedition.

Fun Fact: After the chase people would show up at Ford dealerships just to take pictures of the Broncos.

The first four episodes of Ford’s new podcast, Bring Back Bronco: The Untold Story, are now available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and everywhere listeners find their favorite podcasts. Here is the complete episode schedule with release dates:

August 10, Episode 1: The American Dream
August 10, Episode 2: Cracks in the Pavement
August 24, Episode 3: Going Downhill
September 7, Episode 4: End of the Road
September 21, Episode 5: Driving in the Dark
October 5, Episode 6: Stuck in the Mud
October 19, Episode 7: Green Light
November 2, Episode 8: Hold on Tight

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