Ford Motor Company Donates over $1 M in Vehicles to Technical Training Programs Across the US

DEARBORN – More than $1 Million worth of new Ford F-150’s and Fusion’s are on their way to 37 Automotive Student Service Educational Training (ASSET) programs in the United States to enhance the hands-on learning experience for hundreds of students pursuing their education in automotive repair trades.

“We are very excited to support our ASSET programs with additional vehicles above and beyond our standard donation vehicles,” said Tony Farr, Technical Career Entry Programs Manager, Technical Support Operations, Ford Customer Service Division (FCSD). “These vehicles will further the training effectiveness of our ASSET programs, which will result in more effectively serviced vehicles, and ultimately increased customer satisfaction.”

These vehicles contain technologies that will allow ASSET students to apply the latest diagnostic testing procedures and methods from the Ford training curriculum, the same curriculum used by Ford and Lincoln dealership technicians.

The ASSET program is one of three post-secondary Ford-sponsored automotive training programs through New Ford Tech, an initiative within Ford aimed at supporting and growing a solid pool of qualified automotive repair technicians to help meet increasing demand. ASSET rotates students between eight weeks at the school for in-depth learning and training, and eight weeks working at the dealership allowing the application of recently learned competencies, under the guidance of a mentor.

Over a two-year period, an ASSET student will earn up to 100% of Ford’s Service Technician Speciality Training (STST) credentials, earn an associate degree in Automotive Technology, and have one-year of work experience at a Ford or Lincoln dealership.

New Ford Tech offers education, outreach and resources for automotive technicians. The other two post-secondary programs are Maintenance and Light Repair (MLR) and Ford Accelerated Credential Training (FACT). MLR is offered at 26 community colleges throughout the US and a student earns an auto-tech certificate and up to 25% of Ford’s STST credentials. FACT is a capstone program focusing on Ford curriculum that is offered at Universal Technical Institute (UTI) and a student earns up to 8 certifications and up to 70% of Ford’s STST credentials.

“The third class of Ford ASSET students to Cuyahoga Community College were welcomed by a Ford F150 Lariat pickup truck made possible by Ford Motor Company. This vehicle is better equipped than the F150 we currently have and will enable us to do more workstations in a socially distanced environment.  The upgraded pickup and metallic finish have the added benefit of attracting new students to the program.  The fleet appearance is a factor in student’s choice of programs.”

Kathleen (Kitty) McCarthy
Automotive Technology Program Director
Cuyahoga Community College – West Campus


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Ford Motor Company is donating more than $1 million in vehicles to 37 Automotive Student Service Educational Training (ASSET) programs in the US

Students in the New Ford Tech ASSET program rotate between classroom and dealership learning and these new vehicles help further their hands-on education experience

It is estimated that approximately 45,000 new automotive repair technicians will be needed every year through 2026. New Ford Tech’s various programs are helping to fill the gap in auto technician need.

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