Ford México Marks 95 Years of Pride and Legacy

Ninety-five years after Ford of Mexico was founded on Bucareli Street and transformed mobility as the first automaker to establish a headquarters in the country, there is still much to tell. Ford of Mexico remains proud and looking to the future because of the talent of its people and its commitment to local communities.

From the very beginning, the engineering talent has been one of the pillars driving Ford of Mexico’s growth, to such a degree that the engineering center now has around 2,000 engineers developing products. Marcos Pérez, director, engineering and product development, Ford of Mexico, said that marking this 95-year legacy with vehicles not only built in Mexico but globally designed in Mexico is a proud moment for everyone.

Ford of Mexico has paved a path of innovation and earned the respect of its competitors by manufacturing cars entirely in Mexican territory. This includes the all-new Mustang Mach-E, the all-electric and innovative vehicle that has captured the hearts of fans with its completely modern design and amazing qualities.

“After 95 years, it is more clear than ever that we cannot stop looking to the future, working to make vehicles and cities smarter, making them easier to travel and live in, with cleaner environments as well as a synergy between drivers, cars, cyclists and pedestrians,” said Héctor Pérez, CEO and director, Ford of Mexico.

Join us in this celebration by walking through the history of Ford of Mexico.

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