Ford Employee Inspired by Front Line Workers to Create Masks

COVID-19 has brought a lot of uncertainty into our lives, but there are people like Juliana Serafini-Guzman who are doing what they can to stay productive and positive. Serafini-Guzman, a 26-year Ford Motor Company employee, has been at Van Dyke Transmission Plant as a new launch technician since 2012. Spending her social distancing days with her sewing machine, she has been making fabric masks for loved ones and donating the rest to first responders.

“My niece is a nurse on the front line of COVID-19 and was desperately in need of personal protective equipment supplies, while my brother works at a grocery store and goes home to my 71-year-old mother and 72 year-old-father,” said Serafini-Guzman. “I just needed to do something to help them in the best way I could. I started this process by downloading a free mask stencil template, bought a sewing machine and some materials, and got to work.”

From never picking up a needle and thread in her life, to committing all of her spare time to her sewing machine, Serafini-Guzman has created more than 200 masks that she has donated to those in need. Putting her heart into the project, she can’t imagine the toll families of front line workers are experiencing. The first two masks she made went to her brother and niece, and she has no plans on stopping until the coronavirus curve is fully flattened.

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