Ford Resumes Production at Bridgend and Dagenham Engine Plants

DUNTON, England - Ford is restarting production at its Dagenham Engine Plant in Essex and Bridgend Engine Plant in South Wales today.

Together with Valencia Engine Plant in Spain, which also restarts production this week, the resumption of production at Dagenham and Bridgend means that all of Ford’s European manufacturing facilities will be back at work. 

A limited number of employees have continued to work on company sites in the U.K. over recent weeks to ensure the ongoing provision of critical services. These activities continue to build up on a progressive basis towards more normal business levels. 

In addition, non-production employees whose roles require specialist equipment only available onsite started to return to work in greater numbers from May 4. Those non-production employees who can work remotely are continuing to do so for the present time. 

“As we return to work at our two engine plants in the U.K., our key priority is the implementation of Ford’s global standards on social distancing and strengthened health and safety protocols to safeguard the well-being of our workforce,” said Graham Hoare, chairman, Ford of Britain.

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