A Working Mom Discovers Her Creative Talents During Lockdown

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The coronavirus has changed the work- and lifestyles of nearly everyone around the world, and for one of Ford India’s working moms, the Covid-19 lockdown helped her discover and develop a latent creative talent waiting to be nourished.

S. Meenakshi has been a SE&SE Homologation Engineer with Ford India for four years, working in the company’s Chennai offices, and balances her career with the responsibilities as the mother of a 1.5 yr. old son.

The work from home situation has brought a whole new set of work-life challenges for working moms.

“Though the ‘work from home’ situation might look convenient for working moms, in truth it is actually quite tough.”

Fortunately, with help from her parents to help care for her son, Meena has been able to enjoy a small amount of down time each day to relax and unwind. Realizing that watching Netflix or surfing the internet would only add to her screen time and elevate stress levels, Meena decided to try something new.

She bought a set of basic crayons and color pencils and started to draw. Admittedly not born an artist nor believing she had any true talent, Meena would draw whatever image she liked or thought about recreating.

And to her surprise, the drawings were coming out much better than she had expected, and each one encouraged Meena to continue on, while increasing the level of difficulty and detail of her subjects.

“This lockdown brought out the inner talent of me and made me to rediscover myself. Be it work or personal, I learned that boundaries we make for ourselves are only in our mind and anything is possible if we put our heart into it,” Meena explained.

“The lockdown became an opportunity to rediscover myself, and I am sure that I will give my son all opportunities to identify and develop his own talents.”

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