Spin Offers Free Rides to Healthcare Workers, Optimizes Scooter Deployment to Essential Areas

As some cities scale back their public transit services and deem scooters essential, Spin is stepping in to offer a transportation option that helps those on the front lines practice social distancing as they work to save lives.

Spin is now providing free rides and helmets for healthcare workers in the cities it currently serves – Baltimore, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco, Tampa and Washington, D.C. All healthcare workers in these cities – including doctors, nurses, medical assistants, hospital and clinic administrators, janitors and anyone else who works in a healthcare facility – are eligible.

Healthcare workers can sign up for the service through a simple application process. Once approved, they will receive unlimited free 30-minute rides, through April 30. Participants can also sign up to get a free helmet through Spin’s online store.

While this offer is currently only available to healthcare workers, Spin is also working to expand this benefit to other essential workers in the near future.

Along with this initiative, Spin is optimizing the deployment of its scooters to locations near hospitals and healthcare facilities. In Detroit, for instance, many healthcare workers have shared concerns about using hospital shuttles to travel across campuses. In partnership with Henry Ford Health System and Detroit Medical Center, Spin is refocusing deployment to ensure healthcare workers have an option that allows them to socially distance themselves as they travel to, from and throughout hospital campuses.

This type of strategic deployment will continue in cities that have deemed micromobility essential and are supporting Spin’s efforts to provide transportation for essential purposes. Spin will operate in these cities it currently serves as long as it remains safe for employees and the public. In addition to hospital campuses and other medical facilities, Spin is prioritizing scooter deployment near transit stops and grocery stores.

Spin has made the decision to pause operations in all other cities due to significant demand drop-off as communities combat the fast-spreading virus. This pause remains in effect until further notice.

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