Ford for the Kids Activity Book Relieves Boredom for Kids, Gives Parents Peace of Mind

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With schools out, playgrounds closed and businesses shuttered, there’s not much left to keep kids busy – unless they’re down to play the same video games, watch the same TV shows and read the same books.

But we forget the unintended victims of this situation when the stream of home-based activities runs dry: frazzled parents desperate to keep their bored-senseless kids from driving them up the walls.

So how can parents keep their kids engaged?

Ford Motor Company is releasing a Ford-themed activity book to help families affected by shelter-in-place orders resist boredom and keep kids engaged and actively learning while school’s out.

For the month of April, Ford will continue to release more additions to its activity book to give parents peace of mind knowing their children will be occupied with a variety of fun exercises. These include coloring pages drawn by Ford designers of iconic Ford vehicles and buildings, crossword puzzles, word scrambles and cut-and-fold paper models, as well as various STEAM-related activities.

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