Ford for Kids: New Ways to Engage and Have Fun at Home

New activities for kids to show their appreciation
We’ve expanded our Ford for Kids activities to help families encourage learning and creativity while at home. You’ll find two new activity categories. And we’re asking you to share your children’s finished work with your networks and social media to encourage innovation, humor and educational activities.

The new activities, located on the Ford for Kids Activities page include:

Rally kids to create thank you cards for our heroes
Ford wants to rally kids around the world to inspire essential workers– mail carriers, grocery store clerks, electricians and more – to Ford team members building medical supplies – through the act of making a simple thank you card. Click here for instructions and templates.

Involve kids in the creative process
Kids can dive into real projects that their parents work on – everything from what the future of cars might look like to what amenities they think buildings should offer workers. Click here for instructions and templates.

Share the love
We encourage you to share your child’s work on social media using hashtags #keeplearning, #FordEmployees and #stayhome. The goal is for essential workers to see the thank you cards and forparents in need of activities to keep their kids engaged.

Please email the finished work – especially thank you cards – to with the subject line: Ford for Kids. You can also submit your photo to the #FordEmployees channel on the @BlueOvalNow app. We’ll email them directly to plant managers and other team members – encouraging them to share the appreciation with all those at Ford working to build medical supplies. We hope our plants can each have a wall of thank you notes to inspire our employees every day!

We’ll continue to release new pages of activities throughout April, equipping parents with a variety of exercises to keep their children engaged.

Ford for Kids

Employees submit photos for the Ford for Kids campaign.

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