Willis Zhang - A Countermarching Volunteer in Wuhan

Willis Zhang, Sales Manager North Region, Lincoln China

“Everyone in Wuhan admires the dedication of the medical staff and respects their sacrifices,” said Willis. “Even Wuhan was locked down to prevent people elsewhere from getting infected. The 11 million people inside the city have united as a family to fight against the epidemic. I am very proud to be one of them.”

While working as a volunteer, Willis also remained diligent in his job as a sales manager. Since Feb 10, Lincoln has held regular online meetings with his colleagues to develop a series of sales plans to reduce the impact of the outbreak. They have made continuous strong efforts to help dealers overcome the current challenges.

Thanks to the doctors and nurses, Willis’ father recovered and returned home two weeks later. Through this outbreak, Willis said he has grown to be more rational and objective. “Trust and honesty are the foundation of problem solving. They made us braver and more united to overcome any challenges. This not only applies to the medical staff, but also requires everyone’s participation and strong belief to defeat the epidemic,” said Willis.


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