Some Touching Moments of Ordinary People in the Battle Against COVID-19

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the past Spring Festival holiday, though the longest, seemed to be the gloomiest one ever. Many long-awaited journeys were canceled. Some wedding ceremonies were postponed. Millions of people were confined to their homes for 14-day quarantines, while others returned to work and were unable to unite with families. Thankfully, however, the stories are not entirely full of despair. Many moving moments have cast a light into the darkness, encouraging us to keep fighting until victory.

A gift of surprise

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the surgical mask has become the most desired thing for many. It is getting very difficult to buy masks in the pharmacies or from online shops. Some people keep stocking masks more than they need, while some share the valuable prevention materials with others. Alice Xu from REC is one of these respectable people.

After receiving a batch of masks purchased from Japan, Alice decided to give some of them as a gift to those who may need masks. She made a post on her WeChat to “advertise” her offering.

Kris Shen had failed to buy masks on Taobao. The day before he returned to work in NTC, he received Alice’s masks as someone helped bridge the message. When he got home, he found a few sentences written on the box, “To my dear colleagues who are still working hard in NTC, you are the best and take care!”

“I was really touched when I received the package with 40 masks in it. We never knew each other or even met before. Big thumbs to my great colleague that showed her selfless care to others under such difficult situations,” said Kris.

The most meaningful Valentine’s Day

This past Valentine’s Day was very special for couples at the front lines of the battle against COVID-19. Without roses and banquets during the festival, they stayed in their positions to safeguard the health and well-being of more families.

Mr. Wang, owner of an MKZ, and Mrs. Zhu had planned to travel abroad and take wedding photos during the Spring Festival. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, they had to cancel the journey and immediately return to work. As a nurse, Mrs. Zhu worked in the Quarantine Room. Over the past month, she worked for 12 hours every day in a thick isolation suit.

Mr. Wang worked at the South Railway Station of Jiaxing, responsible for taking the temperature of passengers at the entrance of the station. Sometimes, he needed to stand in the freezing cold outdoors for more than 18 hours. Both of them spent Valentine’s Day at work. Although they were not able to celebrate the festival together, they are very satisfied, knowing that their efforts protected more families.

The most cozy ride

Although the majority of employees from the Ford Shanghai Office are still working from home, some employees at specific positions had to return to work in the office. In order to protect these employees against the COVID-19, the Ford Shanghai Office arranged for 12 dedicated cars from ISEs to provide commuting services for 97 employees from Feb.17 to Feb.28. Every driver is designated to specific employees to prevent cross-infection. All occupants are required to wear a mask throughout the drive and their temperatures are taken every day. The drivers also disinfect and ventilate their cars after each ride.

“Given the severe conditions of the epidemic, I was really concerned when I received the notice to return to the office. The considerate commuting services offered by the company is heart-warming and it is really comforting to know that the company is always by our side,” said one employee. 

“During the epidemic, taking mass transportation means higher risks of being exposed to the virus. Thanks to the commuting services offered by the company, my family doesn’t need to worry about me. Meanwhile, it used to take two hours for me to reach the office, and now it takes only one hour,” said another employee.

No matter how severe the crisis is, a united and determined team will always win. Thanks to all Ford employees and vehicle owners who care for each other and do their best to support the country. Ford will stand by your side as always, and together, we will navigate through the challenges.


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