Ford Mobile Service Helps Keep First Responders On The Road During Global Health Crisis

Ford mobile maintenance vans deliver convenience to retail and fleet customers by bringing tools and technicians to the customer, but today their most important work may be keeping first responders and other critical support vehicles on the road during the COVID-19 crisis.

Bozard Ford Lincoln of St. Augustine, FL and Tamiami Ford of Naples, FL are two dealerships currently using mobile maintenance units to service first responders and other support vehicles in order to help keep their communities running. Tamiami is working closely with their Sheriff’s Department to make sure they stay operational.

“We have worked with our Sheriff’s department as well as supporting repair and maintenance for county and city vehicles for more than 30 years,” said Sheldon Wise, Fixed Operations director, Tamiami Ford. “Being able to offer mobile service is an added layer of convenience during this critical time.”

Bozard Ford Lincoln of St. Augustine, Florida also recently added mobile maintenance to their suite of customer services and agrees with this sentiment.

“We are in unprecedented times,” said Jeff King, vice president and general manager, Bozard Ford Lincoln. “We are and have always been committed to serving our customers and community in any way we can. Mobile maintenance reduces fears by allowing customers to stay in their homes while also supporting the fleet and commercial vehicles that keep our communities running.”

Both dealerships also go to great lengths to avoid direct customer contact with mobile service calls and provide extensive vehicle sanitization prior to returning the vehicle.

Having worked with the Sheriff’s department for several decades, Tamiami is committed to doing whatever it takes to support the people and vehicles that are supporting our communities through this difficult time.

Just as critical as the first responder fleets are vehicles being used to deliver medical supplies and services to hospitals and care providers. Bill Knight Ford of Tulsa, Oklahoma used its mobile service van Saturday to provide oil and filter changes and tire rotations to a fleet of vehicles being used to transport COVD-19 tests.

Ford piloted the mobile maintenance program with six US dealerships in 2019. This pilot produced significant jumps in customer satisfaction, willingness to recommend and ease of experience customer survey scores resulting in the move to expand the program by 200 mobile units across 198 dealerships in 2020. Currently, 36 of the 200 have been delivered and are operational with the remainder reaching dealerships by summer.

“We are doing our best to give dealers the tools to continue to provide quality service throughout this crisis,” said Nick Thomson, Customer Experience Activation Manager, Ford Customer Service Division. “We know people are relying on their vehicles to keep communities going, whether you drive an ambulance or need to pick up food for your family.”

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