Ford Joins Celebrity Chef José Andrés and World Central Kitchen to Bring Meals to Kids in Need

Doing the right thing means mobilizing in times of crisis – and Ford is stepping up to the task.

In addition to manufacturing face shields for first responders and medical staff and helping build respirators with 3M, Ford is mobilizing vehicles to help World Central Kitchen supply meals to food-insecure areas affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Founded by chef José Andrés, World Central Kitchen is a nonprofit with the mission of providing food relief to areas in need following natural disasters – including providing 3.7 million meals to residents in Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

In the midst of the pandemic, World Central Kitchen is mobilizing to provide meals to communities in Los Angeles that normally rely on school lunches to feed children. The nonprofit has partnered with Los Angeles Unified School District and the mayor’s office to provide food to students who rely on school for their meals.

Elizabeth Kellogg, Ford consumer and corporate marketing communications manager, is leading the initiative for Ford. Kellogg is leveraging her marketing and communications expertise, gained from her past work with celebrity chefs, to connect Ford with World Central Kitchen.

“I had awareness of this organization based on the work José Andrés is doing globally,” she said. “When I learned he was closing his Washington, D.C. restaurants to support efforts in food-insecure areas around the United States, we knew that transportation would be a big need for their team.”

Kellogg wanted to make sure Ford engaged with World Central Kitchen early on so that it could provide vehicles – two Expeditions and one F-Series Super Duty – to assist in Los Angeles before shelter-in-place orders shut down fleet operations. The vehicles are on the ground with the World Central Kitchen team to provide last-mile food distribution to schools and community kitchens.

World Central Kitchen is setting up similar operations in Chicago and New York as well, and Ford’s assistance will scale as much as possible.

Employees can do their part by spreading the word of World Central Kitchen’s work.  By building awareness of its actions, employees can help the nonprofit garner public support to continue its efforts.

“We’re using our resources to help solve unforeseen problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Kellogg. “I’m proud to be part of an organization that’s doing all it can to assist.”

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