RMB360,000 in 7 Days, The Negative Pressure Ambulance Funded by Ford Volunteers Set Off for Hubei

Today, a Ford Transit negative pressure ambulance, sponsored by the Ford Volunteer Corps, was successfully produced and transported from Nanchang to the Huangshi Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, also known as Huangshi Infectious Diseases Hospital, to help fight the epidemic. The ambulance was donated by the Ford Volunteer Corps through fundraising via the Amity Foundation.

The fundraising initiative launched on February 15 evening immediately triggered enthusiastic responses from thousands of volunteers. In less than 24 hours, more than 250,000 RMB has been raised from Ford employees and their relatives and friends. In the following week, the initiative also attracted the attention from Ford’s overseas employees, former Ford employees as well as employees from Ford JVs, partners and suppliers. With the support from the Ford family and warm-hearted volunteers, more than 360,000 RMB has been received so far, and a negative pressure Ford Transit ambulance is just set off for Hubei.

The negative pressure ambulance has a special medical centralized oxygen supply system, automatic stretcher, power supply and other facilities, with effective isolation, anti-corrosion, ventilation and resistance to bacteria. It is now playing a key role in protecting the medical staff in combating the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus epidemic. Different from other ambulances, the negative pressure ambulance is equipped with an isolation medical chamber to separate the inside and the outside air through the negative pressure system to prevent cross infection. Additionally, this system forces the air to only flow from the sterilized area to the infection area to protect medical staff.

Lynn Liu - Ford Motor China Product Development Learning & Development Supervisor

At the beginning of the outbreak, Ford China and its joint venture company JMC donated ten Ford Transit negative pressure ambulances to Wuhan, which became the first group of ambulances to support the newly built Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital. The workers of JMC gave up their Spring Festival vacations and rushed to work at full speed to ensure the sufficient supply of ambulances.

The news of ambulance donation and hardworking employees made Lynn Liu, a devoted employee at Ford Nanjing REC, feel very proud and she came up with an idea to raise funds for a negative ambulance for the areas affected by the epidemic.

"I cried when I saw the volunteering doctors of the Jiangsu medical team saying goodbye to their families before departing for Wuhan. I cannot imagine what difficulties and challenges are waiting for them there. I just hope that they have enough medical resources to protect them and they can return safely soon," Liu Lin said.

Lynn told her ideas to the Ford China Volunteer Corps and Labor Union. Thanks to their strong support and assistance, Lynn connected with JMC and the Amity Foundation, and worked together to launch the fundraising immediately.

At the same time, JMC showed great support to this initiative. They arranged a special order of this negative pressure ambulance urgently among the overwhelming tasks of their ambulance production. Many JMC employees also joined the fund raising too. Getting to know the story and the good news that the fundraising was successfully accomplished in just one week, Qiu Tiangao, Party Secretary & Chairman of Jiangling Motors Co., Group

Chairman of Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd, sang high praise for the efforts and beneficence of the volunteers. To support them, he decided to waive all the modification costs of producing the negative pressure ambulance.

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