Making Our Own Contribution by Raising Funds for A Ford Transit Ambulance

Last weekend, Ford China volunteers initiated a fundraising activity to donate a Ford Transit ambulance and other medical supplies.
The initiative was immediately spread and joined by a number of employees and their friends, families and even suppliers, and former Ford employees. Within 24 hours, more than 260,000 RMB has been received at the Amity Foundation – Ford's NGO partner in many philanthropic programs.

The Ford Transit ambulance with an isolation chamber, manufactured by JMC, is a critical tool for transferring Coronavirus infected patients. This fundraising idea was initiated by Lynn Liu, a Ford employee in REC, who also wants to do something in the battle against Covid-19, on top of the corporate donations Ford has made jointly with CAF and JMC. The idea was quickly echoed by the volunteer committee and labor union, JMC as well as the Amity Foundation. Thanks to great support from all of them, the individual donation channel was established within a few days and launched on Feb.15.

The fundraising will run from now through March 6. If you would like to join this initiative, please follow these instructions:

fund raising for a Ford Transit

how to make a donation

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