How is Everything Going After Working from Home?

Lin Kaikan, IT end user support supervisor and Tech Lounge lead works from home

Unlike walking into the Tech Lounge in the office building and get the issues fixed immediately by the onsite professional when their computers broke down, when employees are working from home, no technicians are available for face-to-face support, and all the problems are dealt with through conversation over the lines. It would be extremely disruptive and upsetting if their computers failed to respond in the middle of a task. Every case received by the online Tech Lounge was an urgent one and needed to be dealt with as soon as possible.

While curing the “sick laptops”, online Tech Lounge team also pay attention to ease the anxiety of the colleagues in their conversation. “We managed to increase the work efficiency and users’ satisfaction by offering one-to-one services and guiding the users’ operations step-by-step until we solved the problems. We are committed to serving colleagues as customers instead of just going through rigid routines. We would like to give users the feeling that they were interacting with a caring and patient colleague rather than a robot,” said Lin Kaikan, IT end user support supervisor and Tech Lounge lead.

In addition to the daily IT support of all colleagues working remotely, the Online Tech Lounge team has also managed to facilitate online sessions of the town hall meeting among all China employees together with the peers in Taiwan.

Doug Oberholtzer, director of Powertrain Manufacturing Engineering at Changan Ford (right) together with his brother Jim (left)

Thanks to the effective and efficient support from the IT team, employees who work from home can stay connected with other colleagues. Doug Oberholtzer, director of Powertrain Manufacturing Engineering at Changan Ford (CAF) is one of them.

Under the travel restriction, Doug has been working from home in the US after the Spring Festival vacation. His typical day starts with early morning meetings in North America with the local team in the US, followed by late evening meetings with colleagues in China, to lead new powertrain programs and engineering at CAF.

Working from home in different time zones is a big challenge, yet Doug has another personal one. Between his meetings and work, he went to the hospital near his house every day to look after his older brother Jim, who was severely injured in a recent gas explosion and almost lost his life.

For Doug, working from home with IT support gives an “opportunity” to manage his connection with teams around the globe, while accompanying and helping his brother recover during this tough time.

There are indeed many inconveniences and challenges to working remotely. Some of us have even started returning to the office and working hard to prepare for office resumption. We thank all employees who are committed and making extra efforts to take care of their loved ones and keep business going. Everyone is a hero in this battle.

Last but not least, best wishes to Doug’s brother Jim, get well soon!

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