Transit on the Front Line to Help Fight Coronavirus Outbreak

Ford’s commercial vehicle joint venture in China, JMC, donated 10 Ford Transit ambulance vehicles to help with ongoing efforts to contain the coronavirus outbreak in China. These customized ambulances are equipped with isolation chambers to provide extra protection while servicing areas affected by epidemics or other health and medical emergencies.

On February 1, the first two ambulances were delivered to health authorities in Wuhan, the city at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in China.

The ambulances will be used to support patient transfer from oversubscribed hospitals to newly-built medical facilities designated to handle the outbreak. The delivery of the two ambulances also constitutes the first donation of such vehicles by any company in China. JMC’s donation of 10 Transit ambulances have a combined value of RMB 5 million or approximately US $720,000.

Our employees in manufacturing gave up their time with family to return to the assembly line early during the Chinese New Year national holidays to help ramp up production of ambulances for the fastest possible delivery to the affected areas.

To date, JMC has received more than 1,900 orders for ambulance vehicles across China.

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