Breathe Easy with New FordPass Features: Personalized Online Service Booking, Cabin Air Quality Checks by Phone

Shanghai, China, April 8, 2018 – Ford customers can breathe easier with innovative FordPass technologies that help manage cabin air quality, improve connectivity and enable customized dealer service bookings via their mobile phone.

The new FordPass features unlock elevated levels of service and create a more personalized car ownership experience as part of Ford’s strategy to make life simpler for customers.

The Online Service Booking, Cabin Air Quality and EV features are among a number of other FordPass feature updates that will be available in March. Additional features include WiFi hotspots, vehicle health alerts, battery status monitoring and seamless integration of driver destination information between FordPass and SYNC 3. 

“Ford is harnessing technology to reimagine the way drivers interact with their cars through FordPass,” said Andy Hoang, regional marketing integration manager, Ford Asia Pacific. “Ordering a car service or managing cabin air quality through the app dashboard is a simple solution to common car-owning frustrations and gives users greater control over their environment and health.”

Online service booking

The new FordPass Online Service Booking feature offers a personalized, digital way to book a dealer appointment. Customers can also arrange vehicle pickup and delivery services to accommodate their busy schedules, all at the touch of a button. This service is enabled by the integration of designated driver booking service eDaijia with FordPass. This facilitates driver dispatch to collect a car for service and its delivery back to the user’s doorstep at their convenience.

Online Service Booking is available for the majority of Ford Dealers throughout China for a simplified service experience.

Cabin air quality

The FordPass cabin air quality system features a new cabin air quality sensor and vehicle PM2.5 filter. These components allow FordPass to monitor and manage cabin air quality to fight particulates, recognizing that levels of unhealthy pollutants can be dangerously high on polluted days.

Consumers concerned about air pollution already monitor the air quality in their homes and filter it to create a healthy living environment. Ford’s new in-vehicle technology addresses this consumer concern, bringing the same level of air quality control inside the car.

tThe sensor connect with the app to give users data about the level of pollutants in the cabin. If the level is too high, FordPass reminds the customer to adjust cabin air circulation to filter the air. The app allows users to monitor the lifecycle of the filter and will provide a filter replacement alert when 10 percent life remains on the filter.

Connectivity and EV

Recently, Ford launched its first plug-in hybrid electric car, Mondeo Energi PHEV in China, which will be complemented by a range of FordPass features that provide owners more data on their vehicle than ever before. Ford plug-in hybrid drivers will be able to monitor battery status, check the distance to empty, see charge status and remaining charge time, as well search for and locate the closest charging stations using FordPass.

The new and upcoming updates are the latest addition in the array of connected experiences that FordPass is creating in order to simplify car ownership and bring enhanced experiences to owners.

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