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Check back in daily to hear from @FordOnline iReporter Julie Roscini as she attends the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and shares her experiences.   

Day One: Monday, Jan. 8

The flight out of Detroit was packed – every seat was taken and lots of poeple waiting to see if a seat opened up. I planned to prep a bit more for the conference, but was literally so jammed in my middle seat that I couldn’t get to my backpack. No worries though – I watched some Netflix and chilled.

Arrived in Vegas at 5 p.m. local time. Headed to the hotel from the airport, to check-in. Hotel staff reported 2,000 check-in’s already and an expected 900 more that evening – all for CES (or what from the vibe here feels like it may be the greatest show on earth). Adjusting to the time change made for a quick dinner and calling it a night.

There is a large Ford presence at the hotel, and I ran into several Ford team members on the “strip” – folks from GDI&A, IT and PD. We fueled each other’s excitement talking about the opening tomorrow and what Ford has planned.

I am looking forward to all the keynotes tomorrow, checking out Ford’s Living Street and sharing all of that with you! 

Stay tuned to see what happens in Vegas.

Day Two: Tuesday, Jan. 9

Opening day at CES and well Vegas was wild in a techy way of course. Unprecedented rain plagued the day and made everything a little more difficult. I headed to the Westgate for my credentials early in the morning with plans to arrive at the keynote address early. Because of the rain and volume of people getting around via shuttles, ride shares and cabs – traffic was crazy. 

I made it to the keynote with no time to spare and any thought of the hassle quickly left my mind when Jim Hackett took the stage and the Living Street came to life. If you haven’t watched the keynotes on demand – do it! Do it now!

Ford truly wow’d the crowd. And the message was all about us – people, humans and making the challenges of everyday mobility so much easier. Jim Hackett, Marcy Klevorn, Don Butler and Jim Farley spoke passionately about our plans and invited everyone in the room and watching live to join us.

It was an inspiring moment for me and I imagine those watching – Ford wants to do it together. There was a sense of comradery and collaboration that just felt so good!  Way to go team, WAY TO GO!

After the keynotes, I headed over to the Convention center, which is where I will be today. I did a quick run through of the Ford exhibit – and it was amazing. I also visited the Ford Lobby stage to watch an interview between FastCompany and Marcy Klevorn. It was bumpin’ – literally as Samsung was playing some house music throughout the interview. 

I did a quick loop and realized it was already 3 p.m. Traffic, rain and crowds presented a challenge and I hadn’t realized how much time it had consumed. I made a few brief stops at competitors booths and recognized that Ford was the only exhibit with real people – humans interacting and traveling on our living street. 

Stay tuned to see what happens in Vegs Day 3!

Day 3: Wednesday, Jan. 10

The rain stopped and the sun was shining making for an easy commute over to the Las Vegas Convention Center. I started at the Ford Lobby listening to a conversation on Data in a smart city. It was fascinating – learned a lot about what the future may hold and how our idea of a city may change drastically.

I then headed back to the Westgate to listen to Ford’s very own Jessica Robinson, director Ford Smart Mobility. On my way, I saw the Living Street exhibit was down. After inquiring, I learned there was a massive power outage taking down the central hall and so many exhibits. Later found out the water from the day before took out a transformer.

I took some images of the display – though the “living” background was on hold. The chalkboard, Postmates vehicle and bikes were part of the street – and really cool! 

I made it back to the Westgate, where Jessica was in discussions with Deloitte representatives as well as Ericsson and a gentleman from The American Center for Mobility. Fantastic discussion providing a view of global mobility and how we will move forward with mobility around the world given so many different systems, philosophies and needs. 

I went back to the Ford displays, but they remained on hold ... several hours of shutdown. I headed out late in the afternoon to learn the exhibit was back up for the remaining time and would be back tomorrow.

Highlight of the trip for me was a drone light show hosted by Intel – check out the video!  Thanks for sharing this experience with me. So long Vegas!

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- iReporter Julie Roscini, manager, Mobility Internal Communication

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