Couples Share How They Met at Ford

"I dropped $5 in the breakroom."

So begins the love story of Bryan and Kim Kessinger.

For some Ford employees, it was love at first sight. Some built their relationships over the years, while co-workers (and future fathers-in-law) played the part of cupid for others.

Work may not conjur up the most romantic images (like one employee joked: "We both enjoy long romantic walks to the fridge?"), but for these employees, the foundation of their relationship was built here.

We asked employees who met their significant others at Ford to share their stories this Valentine’s Day. Click through the gallery to learn more.

Spreading the Ford Love

Ford couples share the story of how they met.

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How to Participate

Did you meet your significant other at Ford? For Valentine’s Day, we're featuring couples who are #FordEmployees. Tell us how you met in fewer than 140 characters, & send us a selfie! Submit yours here.

To help spread the love this Valentine's Day, @Ford is bringing you 10 Ford-inspired valentines designs. Check them out here. Click on your desired design, then click share or download in the bottom right corner.

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