Employee’s First Date, Guest Starring Lincoln MKX, Turns to Happily Ever After

Lincoln MKX Makes First Date Extra Special

Ford employee Trevor Cox said: "At the beginning of last year, I decided to ask a girl on a date and the only way I thought I could show off was to escort her in a Lincoln! Well it so happened that the date led on to more and eventually I asked her hand in marriage. To this day we are still in love with Ford and Lincoln products and we hope that others can have the great experience we did in a Lincoln! See pictures for a small glimpse of the moment!"

Ford employee Trevor Cox knew he wanted his first date with Chelsea Hancock to be special.

The two met during Cox’s junior year at The University of Toledo and connected through their passion for music, love for food and shared quirky sense of humor. They stayed in touch, and Cox said he finally built up the courage to ask her to attend his business fraternity’s annual spring banquet last year in Columbus, Ohio.

“Luckily, she said yes, and so began my preparations to make it a very special day,” said Cox, a program buyer who’s been with Ford for a year. “When my boss at the time learned of my situation, she sprung to my aid and gave me the keys to her Lincoln MKX for the weekend. True to my plan, Chelsea was surprised when I picked her up on Saturday in this elegant vehicle.”

Cox said the two had fun learning about the impressive vehicle features – including changing ambient lighting, driver assist technology and audio system – on their trip to Columbus. They also enjoyed exploring the city, shopping at the famous Polaris Mall and dancing the night away at the banquet.

“At the end of the night, I am not sure if Chelsea was sadder to say goodbye to the MKX or me,” Cox said. “She did tell me that someday it would be amazing to drive and own a Lincoln. Needless to say, this was definitely a date we will always remember and smile about.”

Fast forward a bit, and in four short months, the two will be married. Cox said they both knew from their first date that their relationship is special and would lead to marriage.

“She has always been supportive of my job, and is a huge Ford fan having grown up riding in her father’s Ranger and F-150,” he said. “I am very thankful for the company I work for and the opportunities that it has provided.”

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