New DriverScore App for Ford SYNC Helps Consumers with Good Driving Discounts

LAS VEGAS, – With car insurance premiums on the rise, Ford is first to connect with the new DriverScore® smartphone app that provides a personalized score based on individual driving behavior, which could lead to lower insurance rates.

Developed by IVOX, DriverScore is a smartphone app compatible with the Ford SYNC® AppLink platform. DriverScore empowers consumers by giving them the option to share the score with participating insurance providers. The higher the score, the better.

“DriverScore is a great example of how SYNC AppLink makes it easy for developers, like IVOX, to create apps that enhance the ownership experience,” said Dave Hatton, Ford global manager, mobile applications and emergency services. “Not only does it encourage good driving, it incentivizes you with the potential to save money on car insurance.”

A score specific to you

With DriverScore, driving behavior is associated with the user’s smartphone, so every score is tailored to an individual since it only works when connected to the car. That means a younger driver’s inexperience won’t hurt a parent’s score. Likewise, a lead-footed driver won’t affect the score of a more cautious spouse – if they happen to share driving duties on weekends.

Other usage-model insurance programs score based on the performance of a vehicle, which often has multiple drivers, so driving behavior reported back to the insurance company isn’t personalized. Some of these programs require raw vehicle data and driving performance data be shared with insurance carriers – information you might prefer to keep to yourself.

DriverScore accesses vehicle data to directly benefit consumers, sharing only the score, not specific data points. The user can agree to let the app’s sophisticated algorithm access vehicle data to objectively analyze driving patterns. The app takes into account speed, acceleration, braking, location and time of day.

Once downloaded and set up, it runs in the background without any driver interaction when connected through SYNC AppLink. SYNC AppLink provides drivers with the ability to control compatible smartphone apps using their voice or the in-vehicle touch screen. Developers can easily make their smartphone apps compatible with SYNC by downloading and integrating the AppLink software from the Ford Developer Program website.

An initial DriverScore is issued after the first 50 miles driven. Every morning, users receive a smartphone notification of their daily driving score, which is cumulative for the month. Users can view their progress by comparing scores on a month-to-month basis.

Insurance Discount Marketplace

According to data compiled by ValuePenguin, auto insurance premiums are on the rise across the nation. The study cites a small percentage of bad drivers causing most accidents, something insurance companies can’t adequately distinguish, which results in rate hikes for all.

Using the app’s DiscountZone™ feature, drivers can simultaneously share their DriverScore with multiple participating carriers and receive insurance quotes.

Insurers provide participation discounts at the beginning, then adjust the rate at the end of every six or 12 months, depending on individual policy terms.

For consumers, the insurance discount marketplace provides a simple one-stop shop to obtain insurance quotes and select what is best for their needs.

“DriverScore started as a tool for commercial fleets, but we quickly realized it could be expanded to all drivers via Ford’s AppLink platform,” said Gregg Warren, CEO of IVOX. “DriverScore empowers drivers by giving them access to their personal driving data in a simple application to get more personal quotes from participating insurance companies. Simply put, consumers will have more control over their own data and their insurance premiums.”

Click here for a video demonstration of the DriverScore app enabled for Ford SYNC AppLink.

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