Thriving in Uncertainty

Our world is changing faster than our ability to adapt. Ambushed by speed, complexity, and uncertainty, many of us are unprepared for this acceleration. We act on autopilot as new challenges confront us. We are too reactive to problems and miss out on opportunities. We face uncertainty with fear and mistrust. Stress and burnout are pervasive as many of us do not perform up to our potential. Organizations are not adapting well either. Seventy percent of change efforts fail. Slow execution, unrealized growth, unhealthy cultures, and obsession with short-term results undermine long-term success. Inside communities, there is more tension, diminishing trust in our institutions, and a growing inability to solve our most complex social problems. The primary culprit for these maladies is our lack of awareness. In this age of acceleration, we need a fresh approach to living and leading. Come hear Bob Rosen, founder of Healthy Companies International, share the importance of being conscious and the powerful practices to get there. As Bob says, “why not be the one with your head lights on while others are driving in the darkness?”

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