Paystub Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact for questions about my paycheck?

You should contact your Hourly Personnel office or Labor Relations office for:

    1. Name or Address changes

    2. Changes to your tax withholdings

    3. To put a stop payment on a paycheck

    4. To request a check to be reissued that is more than 60 days old

    5. Questions about pay rate, shift differential or OT

    6. To ask questions about SUB pay

You should send an e-mail to for:

     - Questions about your W-2

     - Questions about taxes or imputed income

     - Questions about deductions such as credit union deductions or direct deposit

You should send an e-mail to: for:

     - Questions about all Income Withholding Orders (IWO). Examples of IWOs include: bankruptcies, child support payments, levies, etc.


What do I need to include when submitting questions via e-mail?

When submitting e-mail inquiries, please include the following: 

    1. Your first and last name

    2. Only the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number

    3. Two other pieces of identifying information such as your date of birth, service/hire date, work location, Global ID, or street address only (not city and zip)

    4. Your specific question and any details


What do I do if my check is lost, stolen or destroyed? 

Contact your labor relations office or hourly administrator to request a STOP PAY form be completed and submitted.

How can I sign up for direct deposit? 

Complete the direct deposit enrollment form. Follow the instructions to mail or fax the form to Comerica Bank.

When are my direct deposit funds available to me?

Your funds will be available to you on the Company designated payday. Check with your bank to determine when funds are posted to your account.

How soon can I see my paycheck information?

Your paycheck information will be available online at least three workdays prior to payday.

How do I obtain a copy of my paystub for paychecks prior to the launch of "Your Pay"?

Paystubs prior to the launch of "Your Pay" must be retrieved from archive storage. No paystub archives are available prior to January, 2000. A cost of $15.00 per paystub will be charged for administration of this service.

If you would like a prior copy of your paystub, please send a written request and $15.00 per paystub payment to:

Ford Motor Company Payroll Lockbox 
Department 261201
PO Box 67000
Detroit, MI 48267-2612 

Include in your request the following information:

Specific paystub date(s)
Your Social Security Number
Your current mailing address
Your signature

You will also need to include a check or money order payable to Ford Motor Company for $15.00 per paystub requested.

Once your request has been received and your check processed, we will print the paystubs from our archives and put them in the mail to you within five (5) business days.

Why do I have two paychecks listed for the same pay-ending date?

There were two checks cut for you during that pay period. They show up as separate lines but will have the same pay-ending date. View the check detail for a description of the individual payments.

Is there a way to download the information for my personal financial reporting use?

Yes. Select "Save As" on your browser's "File" menu. Then save to a USB memory device.

Can I fax my paystub as an official document?

Yes. You can print your paystub and fax it as an official document.

Will anyone else be able to view my paystub information?

No. Paystub data are encrypted using the latest technology.

What about the confidentiality of my paystub when I'm printing the information? 

Here are some recommended measures to ensure confidentiality:

     a. Send a non-confidential document to your printer to verify that it is working correctly
     b. Immediately retrieve your paystub from the printer
     c. Print your paystub at a time of day when printer demand is minimal
     d. Save your paystub to a USB memory device and print it at a remote location (I.e. home personal printer).