LAP's Sheila Church - Part Of The Solution

One Monday night in late May while watching protests for social and racial justice on the news, LAP New Model Launch Coordinator for Chassis Sheila Church thought it would be a nice idea for the plant to do something in support of cultural diversity & racial harmony.  Church notes, “As a retired law enforcement officer, I wanted to be a part of the solution.” She did some research and determined that the color orange best represents racial harmony. Since there was no designated shirt color at LAP on Tuesdays, Church wore orange the following day and discussed her idea of showing support for all races.

Initially, Church thought just her launch team might champion her cause, but she ran out of the 50 orange ribbons she had bought to share within the first two shifts. Wanting to expand her message that anyone wearing orange embraces cultural diversity and tolerance for one another, she approached Cynthia Goldsberry, Regional Cultural Manager, about the possibility of getting orange shirts to wear on Tuesdays. Goldsberry loved the idea and thus Orange Tuesdays were born at LAP. Goldsberry then suggested doing the same at all the plants in the Bobnar Region (LAP, KTP, OHAP & WSP). After Goldsberry shared the concept with other Managers, it took off in other plants throughout the manufacturing system. Church is thrilled by the response and notes, “I am proud to know so many people within Ford Motor Company took my small idea to promote racial harmony and turned it into a huge deal.”

Church, a native of Akron, OH with one adult son, has been with Ford for fourteen years, but she grew up with Ford because her stepfather was a 45-year employee. Her husband, David Church, Jr. is a 3rd generation employee. When asked why she feels it is important to support cultural diversity & racial harmony, Church responded, “We are all human beings and our race shouldn’t segregate us from one another. I became a law enforcement officer to protect and serve the public no matter their race, gender, socioeconomic status, religious views, etc. I treated everyone with respect no matter what their beliefs, skin color, political views, religion, etc.” Church wants people to know that there are good law enforcement officers out there that feel as strongly as she does about racial harmony.

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