FRAP Honors Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Halloween

It’s October and that means two things: The first is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the second is Halloween and this year FRAP was able to celebrate both occasions. On Halloween Eve, FRAP asked salaried and UAW team members to wear pink in honor of those battling breast cancer and to remember those who fought valiantly against the ailment.

FRAP also launched a costume contest for Halloween. We invited the children, grand children and fur babies of FRAP employees to dress up and the most creative costume would be the winner of an amazon gift card. We have a few photos from each event below, but to see the entire collage of costumes or breast cancer awareness photos follow FRAP on our Blue Oval Now Channel. Magda, our contest judge, loved the photos and costumes so much she couldn’t decide on a winner in each category and opted to hold a drawing that would allocate gift cards randomly. She would like to thank everyone for their participation. Gift Cards will be hand delivered by communications coach Ian Robinson on Thursday November 12, 2020.



Vanessa Sherrod wins the photo award in the kid category  

FRAP also had our pink out this month. Check out the photos


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